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PHYSIC 300 LAB Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PHYSIC 300 LAB Report - Coursework Example A rigid monofilament, which rushed to the opposite finish of the room, was strung through the straw connected to the inflatable. This was trailed by discharging the hand-fixed inflatable opening to dispatch the inflatable into movement. The speed of the inflatable was noted. The analysis was, individually, rehashed with ten pennies and ten Yen coins. The aftereffects of the test, surely, approved the law of activity †response, which expresses that to each activity there is constantly contradicted and equivalent response because of preservation of energy. Basically, if a body An applies a power F on a body B, body B all the while applies a power F of a similar greatness on body A gave the two bodies are acting along a similar line. In this manner, as saw in our examination, the inflatable, by discharging the weight inside, was propelled into movement with an energy that adjustments in relation to the power applied. The moving inflatable applied this power on the joined pennies/co in, as the case possibly. Adhering to the law of activity and response, the pennies/coin applied a power of a similar extent on the inflatable yet the other way. We saw that as the quantity of the pennies expanded from five to ten, which correspondingly expanded the mass, the increasing speed of the inflatable diminished.

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You Dont Get the Dog That You Want, You Get the Dog That You Need Essa

You Dont Get the Dog That You Want, You Get the Dog That You Need So youve chose its opportunity to get a pup. Incredible, for a huge number of years the pooch has been a partner, a companion, a watchman and a worker for man. The tamed canine can be followed back a huge number of years to wolves. While a significant number of the wolfs attributes can at present be seen in numerous varieties, most have been reared down to make hounds had practical experience in specific assignments and additionally capacities. Some make great pets for families living in little condos like a Chihuahua or a medium estimated shepherd. A domesticated animals watchman hound like the Maremma Sheepdog is reared to live outside on sections of land of land loaded up with sheep or potentially goats(livestock) would not be reasonable in a little loft. Pause for a minute to investigate what it is youre searching for in a canine. Gather data from raisers and individuals who own the variety/s youre keen on. Dont be hesitant to do inquire about and pose inquiries. Youll take a gan der at your requirements and the necessities of your new pooch. You can do this by analyzing breed, disposition, and insight. Let us start by advising ourselves that all little dogs become hounds. What may one day gauge eight pounds could wind up weighing more than one hundred pounds. We can ask ourselves, What is it Im searching for in a canine? Is it accurate to say that you are a land owner? It is safe to say that you are searching for a pooch that is dynamic? Do you need a pooch that works? Or then again would you say you are simply searching for an ally to hold? Much the same as you your pooch will have explicit requirements extraordinary to simply him/her dependent on their variety. Collies of numerous sorts are high vitality high keenness hounds that require a lot of activity, a particular activity/task only for them and fantastic measures of friendship. Dogs of the general sense wouldnt require indistinguishable measures of fondness from the collie, however would require significantly more exercise and possibly a few employments. These are only a few instances of what might be required to keep your grown-up hound upbeat, sound and normal. Perhaps you have youngsters. In the event that youre searching for a pooch thatll be acceptable with your youngsters there are different perspectives to remember. For example the Weimaraner may be an astounding decision. While being known as an extraordinary chasing hound, the Weimaraner has likewise been noted as a phenomenal sitter, this variety has been known to shield youngsters to death. Tragically, on the off chance that the Weimaraner is investing more energy with your kids, at that point you, he may shield them to death, from you. A few varieties will require broad preparing just to finish straightforward errands, for example, sit and come here. Its imperative to set aside the effort to figure out what sorts of preparing youll even be able to do. Is it accurate to say that you are, can you, be firm? Or then again would you say you are caring? You might need to investigate the chance of selecting your pup in a compliance course while he/she is as yet youthful. You might need to investigate the choice of buying a pre-prepared little dog, or a grown-up hound that is prepared might be sitting at a nearby asylum. Make sure to do a little research and pose inquiries. You may go over a little dog one day, all wrinkly and squeaking tipping the scales at close to four pounds and you may simply begin to look all starry eyed at and take him home. After eighteen months you have a one hundred thirty pound Cane Corso that has annihilated each piece of clothing you own. Or then again, you may embrace a pooch that you discover is illicit to possess in your nation, state, city, or home. Furthermore you have to set aside the effort to recognize the degree of duty claiming a pooch takes. Much the same as having a critical other, your canine is going to seek you for adoration, sympathy and comprehension. What's more, much the same as having youngsters your canine will require food, asylum and control. Over the entirety of your pooch will require a structure that is reasonable by you. Discover approaches to appreciate the troublesome assignments illuminating the simpler ones. Your disappointment will appear through your pooches conduct. So when he/she begins peeing on your dividers and biting up your shoes it might be an ideal opportunity to do some self reflection

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Critically Understand The Concept Of Film As Representational Art Assignment

Critically Understand The Concept Of Film As Representational Art Assignment Critically Understand The Concept Of Film As Representational Art â€" Assignment Example > When the word representational is used in describing any piece of art of artwork, then it means that the artwork depicts something that one can recognize or people can easily recognize. The history of the representational art started about millennia ago during the Paleolithic period when carvings of animal that people were drawing on cave walls. Ideally representational artwork is aimed at depicting the actual objects or the subjects from reality. Representational art also includes other subcategories such as impressionism, realism stylish and idealism. All these forms try to represent the actual subjects from reality. There are three forms of art, but representation art as mentioned is the oldest of the three. The others are abstract and non-objective. Apart from being the oldest form of art, it is also the most acceptable since people can easily identify with images that are identifiable like paintings, drawings, and sculptures. In addition, representational art represents some of the most collection of artwork. Despite the many phases that representational art has gone through, there is still one thing that has remained constant over this period and this is the representation of recognizable images. The representational artwork is more realistic than any other type of art work (Cavell, 2015). The importance of representational art work cannot be overlooked in the society today. First representational artwork stands as the only merit on which artistic standards can be measured. For instance a portrait can be judged on the basis of its likeliness to convey a situation; a landscape can be judged on how similarity it is to a particular scene. On the contrary, nonrepresentational artwork cannot represent anything in real life and cannot, therefore, be judged on the basis of reality(Cavell, 2015). Secondly, it is a foundation for all visual arts. Ideal representational art depends on the proficiency of the artistic, their perspective, use of color, and the po rtrayal of the overall composition. There are many perspectives from which one can qualify the importance and the use of representational artwork. There is no artwork that can surpass the use of the art in representing images. Nevertheless, the basis of this analysis is not on the types of representational artwork. This paper is concerned on film and cinema. The paper shows that film or cinema is a form of representation art. The paper looks at cinema from the perspective of writers such as Cavell, Catherine Abell, and Roger Scruton. Cavell’s perspective The first perspective as presented by Cavell looks at the sights and the sound in the representation of film or Cinema. Her perspective is based on theorist such as Erwin Panofsky. Erwin tries to provide an answer to the question “what is film” He argues that the medium in the film is physical and a reality. The same perspective is supported by Andre who says that cinema often communicates by a means that is real. The perspe ctive of this two theorist is that film is based on photographs, and in ideal photographs are of reality or nature. In the representation of movies or film, it is simply photographs that are projected on a screen. Through this projection, there is no way that the photographs change. The reality in the photographs will still remain even if they are projected on the screen(Cavell, 2015). It can simply be said that film is the projection of reality. Films simply communicate by way of reality. If a film can then communicate by way of reality they are representational.

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Larsen s Passing Clare Kendry And The Race Problem

Larsen’s Passing: Clare Kendry and The Race Problem Since before the birth of America, race has been a common denominator in determining the placement, treatment and opportunities given to certain groups. Native-Americans were assimilated or murdered in mass quantities and driven from their land because they were deemed inferior by whites who settled here. Like Native-Americans, African-Americans were judged based on their skin color and perceived ability to live among those who took over the country. African-Americans were brought over by the thousands on ships and placed in slavery as a result of not being civilized enough to live independently. Knowing all of this, race is something that individuals attempt to ignore by saying that†¦show more content†¦For those reasons among others, Jefferson felt that it should always be appropriate for whites to take responsibility of them because their frame of mind wasn’t adequate enough for them to be self-sufficient. Samuel Morton went on to echo Thomas Jefferson’s sentiments regarding African-Americans when he compiled Crania Americana, written in 1839, and argued, â€Å"In disposition the negro is joyous, flexible, and indolent; while the many nations which compose this race present a singular diversity of intellectual character, of which the far extreme is the lowest grade of humanity,† (7). The repeated publication of the inferiority of the black race caused a wealth of contention in the country as it became divided concerning race relations and ethical treatment. Disdain for racial equality is even perpetuated by characters in Larsen’s short novel, demonstrating that the issue at hand most certainly has been conceived from mentalities of the public. Written in the earlier half of the 20th century, Passing is a plausible representation of race and community in the 1920s, as Americans remained separated on their ideas about how to deal with the proposed â€Å"race proble m.† Like other authors before her, Larsen focuses on depicting both sides of the fence by giving the audience two biracial women. One lives in a black community and is immersed in African-American culture, and the otherShow MoreRelatedNella Larsens Passing Essay2911 Words   |  12 PagesNella Larsens Passing The Harlem Renaissance was a turning point for many African Americans. A vast amount of literature was created specifically for this group during this era. It was a period when the African American was in vogue and white thinkers and writers were devoting a considerable amount of attention to them (Taylor 91, 90). For the first time, African Americans were being told that it was okay to be proud of who they were. This new consciousness and self-awareness wasRead MorePassing, By Nella Larsen950 Words   |  4 PagesKangyl Ko English 63-10 October 6, 2015 Midterm Essay - â€Å"Passing,† by Nella Larsen â€Å"Passing,† by Nella Larsen is a novel all about pretending to be something that you are not. It is about giving everyone the impression that everything is in order when in reality everything is falling apart. Passing in this novel refers to the ability of a person to be classified as one thing, normally a social group, while belonging to a different group. Passing is usually done to gain class or acceptance by groupsRead More Passing Essay885 Words   |  4 PagesPassing Nella Larsens novel, Passing, provides an example of some of the best writing the Harlem Renaissance has to offer. Nella Larsen was one of the most promising young writers of her time. Though she only published two novels it is clear that she was one of the most important writers of the Harlem Renaissance movement. Her career as writer probably would have lasted longer, but she was accused of plagiarizing her short story, Sanctuary. She was eventually cleared of any wrongRead MoreAnalysis Of Nella Larson s Passing, And Amiri Baraka s The Dutchman1502 Words   |  7 PagesMuch of American Literature written in the 1900’s detail the experiences of race within America, being that slavery had only recently been abolished. Society in no way viewed African American’s as equal to white American’s. At this time, blacks were forced to fight to be viewed as a full person, worthy of basic human rights. Nella Larson’s Passing, and Amiri Baraka’s The Dutchman, both call attention to the racial tensions in a post Civil War America, by exposing the manipulation of the endemicRead MoreAfrican American Literature : The Black Poets1727 Words   |  7 PagesI would define African American Literature as literature created by authors of the African America race. It started with slave narratives and during the Harlem Renaissance attention was brought to the arts of African American artiest, poets, musici ans, and authors. African American Literature is more than slave narratives. It is heartfelt stories of lost love, justices, death, and finding one’s own strength. African American literature comes in the form of poetry, short stories, non-fiction and fictionRead MoreHistory5499 Words   |  22 PagesSchuyler’s view, black artists cannot vary substantially from their white peers. As a result, claims to some sort of uniquely racial creative perspective are specious at best. As Jeffrey B. Leak notes in Rac(e)ing to the Right: Selected Essays of George S. Schuyler (2001), this position presages the commentary of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray, and like them, Schuyler leaves himself open to accusations of assimilationism, charges that led many students of the period to overlook him and his adherents

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À poil - French Expression

Expression:  Ãƒ   poil Pronunciation: [a pwal]Meaning: stark naked, in the buffLiteral translation: in hairRegister: familiar Notes: The French expression à   poil refers to body hair - when you are à   poil, youre wearing nothing but your own hair. Its equivalent to the English expression in ones birthday suit. ExampleNouvre pas la porte - je suis à   poil  !Dont open the door - Im completely naked!À poil can be used as an adjective or as a command in numerous expressions:à ªtre à   poil  - to be stark nakedse baigner à   poil  - to go skinny-dippingse mettre à   poil  - to strip down to ones birthday suitun mec / une fille à   poil  - a naked guy / girlÀ poil  !  - Take em off!Synonyms:nu - naked, nudedà ©shabillà © - undresseden costume dAdam/dÈve (old-fashioned) - in ones birthday suiten tenue dAdam/dÈve - in ones birthday suitAttention: the French expression au poil is an informal way to say great! or perfect!

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Non-Commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History Free Essays

Cpl. Stalinsky,Travis Class 318-13 20121202 Squad #1 â€Å"How is the Modern Corps’ Non-commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History and Tradition? † The United States Marine Corps non-commissioned officers are the Marines who have proven that they are worthy to handle the responsibility to lead junior Marines. The backbone of the Marine Corps as they have been described as. We will write a custom essay sample on Non-Commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History or any similar topic only for you Order Now Their job is not just a few tasks’ it’s a large variety of tasks. It requires them to be professional, have courage, and integrity to set the example for others to follow and look to for guidance; thus emulating the corps history nd traditions. Throughout history the loyalty and commitment previous NCO’s have displayed made it a tradition to teach the new NCO’s picking up rank to carry on the standard, which modern NCO’s can be proud of and carry on with pride. When looking back into Marine Corps history of Medal of Honor recipients, the first on to receive the Medal of Honor was Cpl. John Mackie. He was the very picture of a Marine setting the right example as a non-commissioned. On May 15, 1862 while on board the U. S. S Galena in the Fort Darling attack at Drewry’s Bluff. â€Å"As enemy shellfire raked the deck of his ship, Cpl. Mackie fearlessly maintained his musket fire against the rifle pits along the shore, and when he was ordered to fill vacancies at guns caused by men wounded and killed in action, he manned the weapons with skill and courage†. This standard he set of instant and willing obedience to orders and courage is still what NCO’s to this day uphold. When the word Marine is heard by civilians, the word â€Å"loyal† comes to the top of their head. The modern Marine NCO’s are loyal to everything that is important to them and the Marine Corps. They proudly and loyally serve their country, their Corps, their unit, and themselves. They must show loyalty to their junior Marines. It’s their job to mke sure their junior Marines have the right tools to be successful, and must always point them in the right for direction; thus gaining the junior Marines trust and respect. The Marine Corps depends on these fundamentals to be able to have efficient units, to have effective leaders to lead Marines into battle, and for Marines to be able to trust one another with each other with their lives. Now we fast forward from Cpl. John Mackie, who was awarded the first Medal of Honor, to a modern day NCO who was also awarded the Medal of Honor. This Marine displayed an abundance of courage, which overshadows all traits; without it we are doomed to fall short in all the other traits. On September 8, 2009 in Kunar province, Afghanistan, Cp. Dakota Meyer maintained security at a patrol rally point while other members of his team moved on foot with two platoons of the afghan National Army and Border Patrol into the village of Ganjgal for a pre-dawn meet with the village elders. The patrol ended up being ambushed by more than fifty enemy combatants. Cpl. Meyer heard over the radio that four U. S. team members were cut off on their way back to safety. Cpl. Meyer had a fellow Marine do the driving while he took up the exposed gunner’s position in a gun truck in attempt to disrupt the enemy attack and locate his fellow team members. Cpl. Meyer seizing the courage to make this bold and brave action, while under intense enemy fire, killed a number of enemy fighters, made a couple of trips saving and searching for his comrades. His unbelievable courage allowed him to commit to the dangerous task of helping his fellow Marines. This shows why courage is the most important trait because without it how could you face your fears to make the unpopular decision? How would you have the intestinal fortitude to conduct yourself as a Marine on and off duty always making the right decisions? To stand in front of your peers and subordinates and teach them knowledge? This is why NCO’s can lead is because they have the courage to do what is necessary. Modern Marine NCO’s are the true embodiment of the Corps history and traditions because as leaders they emphasize the professional values of their leadership concepts; such as loyalty to the Corps, loyalty to their nation, loyalty to their units, exhibiting selfless services, and their professional responsibilities as an NCO. The two Marine NCO’s that I have discussed have displayed vital points of the Corps history and traditions. The Corps values, leadership traits, and leadership principles that were demonstrated was courage, loyalty, and setting the example. Their actions have set the standards which modern Marine NCO’s take pride in and continue to uphold the tradition. How to cite Non-Commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History, Essay examples

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Asylum Seekers Religion and Nationality

Question: Discuss about theAsylum Seekersfor Religion and Nationality. Answer: Introduction An asylum seeker is discussed as an individual who have requested for protection to another country after fleeing from his or her own nation due to safety issues. Their reason for fleeing mainly involves the fear of persecution on a variety of grounds like wars, race, religion, nationality or may be due to the expression of feelings which are perceived by the nation to be criminalist. The reason of persecution may also be due to the membership of the asylum seeker with a particular social group or political opinion that is severely looked upon as a negative aspect for the ordinary citizens. Different countries have different policies which they follow for granting the seekers access to their nation. The asylum seekers often tend to flee away from their nation under various risky situations and therefore need a much secured position in the new nation so that they may take shelter in the new area without many obligations. However often it is seen that the asylum seekers are much harassed in the new nation due to the various policies that the new nation follows to rant his application. Different countries have their own ways of judging the claims formed by the asylum seekers upon which the seeker is persecuted (Yoshida 2017, pg. 195). Australia had been no exceptions and with the government and its ever-changing rules is making the situation more tensed for the seekers. They are always detained for a large period of time which has no specific limitations and hence have to wait for an indefinite period of time for their applications to be considered and acted upon. The law about the fast tracking of the asylum seekers for seeking security on Australia under the condition of their participation in phase 1 trial is critically demeaning on the ground of humanity. It indeed can be considered as a serious ethical concern on the behalf of a government who instead of providing protection to the emotionally and physically drained shelter seekers are exploiting their seriousness of homelessness for their own benefits. A person who has to leave his place of origin undergoes a severe traumatic situation when travels to another country (Corbett et al. 2014, pg. 393-398). This results in huge emotional breakdown and also increases the chance of life risks. Exploiting such emotional situations of the asylum seekers are a big question on the ethics and the moral virtues of the Australian Government. They have a full critically analyzed idea that the seekers in order to get their application fast tracked would be ready to take any chances for the sake of shelt er and would be ready to accept anything for the sake of that time. Thereby Australian government had wittingly applied this technique to indulging a large number of participants for testing out their lucrative researches on them. If the results of the phase 1 clinical trials are positive, it would bring out huge profits for the Australian government in terms of scientific discoveries. However, if the phase I clinical trials have a negative impact on the the patients, it would be very stressful to overcome such issues. Phase 1 clinical trials are mainly performed on participants who get paid for participating in the trials. Over the year, participants are showing very less eagerness in the fields of scientific research due to their uncertainty about the effect of the drugs or the doses that are applied on them (Anderson 2015, ABC news). In such cases, it is indeed becoming very difficult to attract citizens for making them participate in the different researches. On the top of that the participants are also being paid by the government for participation. The government has therefore taken the decision to make the offer to the asylum seekers so that they can not only save the funds for research but also would not have to be concerned over the collection of participants for conducting the research (McPhail, Nyamori Taylor 2016, pg. 947-984). The step taken by the government is very controversial. This is demanded so because of the negative aspects that the existing policies that the government have for the asylum seekers are so strict and stringent, it automatically creates a concern when they seem to release new laws for them. On detailed analysis of the past experiences, as portrayed by BBC new, a large number of controversial cases can be noted. Australias coalition government had initiated the Operation Sovereign Borders in order. As per the government, they had done it in order to control the entry of the asylum seekers coming by boat and to check the visas provided by them (Hodge 2015, pg. 122-131). The military vessels parent in the waters has sent a large number of boats coming from Indonesia back in lifeboats and dinghies (BBC News, 2014). The government had said that they had mainly done so because they wanted to prevent the asylum seekers being controlled by criminal gangs. They have declared that they have ev idences where large number of Indonesian asylum seekers has tried to come to Australia by water routes, where they had to pay a large number of money to different types of people smugglers and have noted many deaths in this scenario. However, there lies a big picture behind it. Critics suggest that mainly a deep root of racial discrimination have played a very big role in the Australians proposing the policies (Rollins 2016, pg. 16). They have analyzed that the main reason for the opposition caused to the form of asylum seeking is mainly because of the fact of racial discrimination among them. Although the government had claimed that they have been able to save the integrity of its borders, their main concern of prevention of entry of other races had been the main motive. Another point that can also prove that the government are not of keen on the well being of the asylum seekers are the conditions of the shelters that they are providing when the cases of the asylum seekers are detained for inquiry by the government judging their claims. They are mainly done in the islands like the Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and also the Pacific Island Nation of Nauru (Woodhead 2016, pg 1161-1181). There are many evidences which suggest that even when the asylum seekers are found to be claiming justly and are allowed to settle as refugees, they are not allowed to enter and settle in the mainland of Australia (Rollins 2016, pg. 7). They are forced to continue their stay in the islands mentioned and are prevented from entering other areas in Australia. Even when they are allowed to stay there as refuges, proper hygiene conditions are not mentioned (BBC News, 2014). The refugees who are settling here suffer from inadequate maintenance of hygiene, unrelenting heat, cramped conditions and also lack of facilities. After the closure of the Manus island seekers due to order from the Supreme Court, no proper arrangements were taken as to where the people should move. All these unplanned procedures along with the different carelessness proved that the government was really reluctant over the issues of asylum seeking. Therefore it can be critically argued that the law which had been taken by the government will not benefit the asylum seekers in any way, rather will result in pushing the people into a zone of risks. The examples which are stated above already shows anti-asylum seekers feelings by the government which inevitably questions the real ethical and moral virtues that need to be exhibited by a government of a nation. They mainly show no concern for the asylum seekers rarely considering them as human who are in desperate need of making their lives normal. After the closure of the Manus Islands detentions centre, they were moved to the Christmas islands where already detentions centers were present. In course of time, reports came to pour about the increasing number of seekers becoming ill and are facing death. This was mainly because their health was being severely compromised while they are kept in detention (BBC News, 2014). Even children are also not given proper arrangement so that they can be able to live a better quality lives. All these led to the critics to provide their insights that the government had not been enough responsible to shower humanity on the asylum seekers and had been extremely selfish while handling the differ decisions of them. These had resulted in raising concerns over the immigration policies of Australia which even included children under detention (Sanggran, Haire Zion 2016, pg. 13-14). It thereby can satisfy the argument that is based on the concern whether the law published by the government for making the applications fast racked for the asylum seekers if they participate in phase 1 trials of lucrative pharmaceutical industry. The previous examples which are cited above gives a clear indication that the Australian government has no keen towards the development of health and life of the asylum seekers who are detained or are given the permissions to stay. They treat them as minority groups and often had exhibited an attitude of carelessness and a strong neglect. In this scenario, their initiative of taking them into phase 1 clinical trials with the bribe of making their application first paced is thereby criticized. This is mainly because it would act as giving stalks for fishing thereby providing an opportunity for the fish to have the stalk and at the same time getting caught by the fisherman. References: Anderson, S., 2015, Australias Treatment of Asylum Seekers May Damage UN Human Rights Council Bid, Gillian Triggs Says.ABC News. BBC News. 2014. Australia asylum: Why is it controversial? - BBC News. [online] Available at: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-28189608 [Accessed 28 Feb. 2017]. BBC News. 2014. Australia sued over asylum detainees' health care - BBC News. [online] Available at: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-28933493 [Accessed 28 Feb. 2017]. Corbett, E., Gunasekera, H., Maycock, A. and Isaacs, D., 2014, Australia's treatment of refugee and asylum seeker children: the views of Australian paediatricians.Med J Aust,201(7), pp.393-398. Henderson, C., 2014, Australias Treatment of Asylum Seekers From Human Rights Violations to Crimes Against Humanity.Journal of International Criminal Justice,12(5), pp.1161-1181. Hodge, P., 2015, A grievable life? The criminalisation and securing of asylum seeker bodies in the violent frames of Australias Operation Sovereign Borders.Geoforum,58, pp.122-131. McPhail, K., Nyamori, R.O. and Taylor, S., 2016, Escaping accountability: a case of Australias asylum seeker policy.Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal,29(6), pp.947-984. Rollins, A., 2016, AMA calls for independent scrutiny of asylum seeker health.Australian Medicine,28(8), p.16. Rollins, A., 2016, The AMA will speak up on asylum seeker health.Australian Medicine,28(5), p.7. Sanggaran, J.P., Haire, B. and Zion, D., 2016, The health care consequences of Australian immigration policies.PLoS Med,13(2), p.e1001960. Woodhead, M., 2016, Australian hospital discharges asylum seeker infant, into more controversy.BMJ: British Medical Journal,352. Yoshida, M., 2014, Australia's Treatment of Asylum Seekers. InProceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers Annual Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, Autumn 2014(p. 195). The Association of Japanese Geographers.